1994-1995 Mustang Fuse/Relay Diagram Engine Bay (1994 94 1995 95)

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2017)

1994, 1995 Ford Mustang Under Hood Engine Bay Fuse Relay Panel Diagram
1994 1995 Engine Bay Fuse Relay Panel Diagram

1994, 1995 Ford Mustang Under Hood Engine Bay Fuse Relay Panel Diagram If you are looking for the fuse panel under the dash check here…..

FuseAmpere rating [A]Description
Ignition Switch
40Turn signal lamps
Backup lamps
Air bag module
DRL module
Overdrive cancel
Brake shift solenoid
Heated backlight relay coil
Convertible top relay coil
Illuminated entry module (shut-off)
HEGO (4.6l only)
Low oil module
Low coolant module
Safety belt chime
Cluster warning lamps
Cluster gauges
Transmission shift module (4.6l only)
Generator warning lights
EEC power relay coil
Ignition coil
TFI module (4.6l only)Starter relay
Ignition Switch
40Windshield washer and wiper
system Clock (illumination)
Speed control amp.
Air conditioning clutch coil
RKE module (shut-off)
Anti-theft module (shut-of)
Power windows
Htd Backlite
40Rear windows defrost
Fuel Pump20Electric fuel pump
IGN SW40Air conditioning and
heater blower motor
Fan60Electric drive fan
Hd lps50Headlamps
Air bag module (aux. pwr.)
Chime for key in ignition
Courtesy lamps
Engine compartment lam
Glove compartment lamp
Power mirrors
Radio (MCM)
Instrument cluster (MCM)
Trunk lamp
Anti-theft (door open sig.)
Low beams
Exterior lamps
Deck lid release
Door locks
EEC20EEC power
ABS60Anti-lock brakes
Power Seats25Power seats
DRL20Daytime runing lights
Int. Lamps25Interior lamps
AUDIO25Radio amplifier
Subwoofer amplifier
ALT20Generator regulator
Cigar Lighter30Cigar lighter
Power point
Convertible TOP30 CBConvertible top
Thermactor30Thermactor (Cobra models)