2001-2004 Mustang Factory Radio Diagram to Upgrade Stereo

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

Factory stereo system

Ford Mustang Mach 460 radio

The Mach 460 receiver (Crutchfield Research Photo)

The 2001-2004 Mustang’s standard stereo was an 80-watt, 4-speaker system featuring an AM/FM/CD player that gained the ability to play MP3 files in 2002. The next step up was the Mach 460 system, which offered a 6-disc AM/FM/CD receiver with, coincidentally enough, 460 watts of stereo output pumping through a total of eight speakers.

Mind you, that’s the peak power rating, not the more meaningful RMS rating, but that’s still a ton of power for a “factory” system. The Mach 460’s added power came from a pair of amps mounted between the rear seats and the trunk. The amps took care of the lower door speakers and rear deck speakers, while the front and rear tweeters ran off the stock receiver.

With ten speakers and six amps, the Mach 1000 system, which debuted in ’02, was to factory audio what the old Boss 429 Mustang was to factory horsepower – wonderful, glorious, American excess. The trunk was a veritable stereo shop on wheels, two enclosed subs on the sides and the four amps that powered them lined up on a rack in the center.

Needless to say, the Mach 1000 produced a prodigious amount of power. An aftermarket system will sound better, especially after all these years, but Ford deserves massive credit for shoehorning a real hot rod of a system into this car.


2001 Ford Mustang Stereo Wiring Information

Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Purple/Light Blue
Radio Switched 12V+ Wire: Black/Pink
Radio Ground Wire: Black/Light Green, Black
Radio Illumination Dimmer Wire: Light Blue/Red
Radio Antenna Trigger Wire: Orange/Light Blue
Left Front Speaker Wire (+): Orange/Light Green
Left Front Speaker Wire (-): Light Blue/White
Right Front Speaker Wire (+): White/Light Green
Right Front Speaker Wire (-): Green/Orange
Left Rear Speaker Wire (+): Gray/Light Blue
Left Rear Speaker Wire (-): Tan/Yellow
Right Rear Speaker Wire (+): Orange/Red
Right Rear Speaker Wire (-): Brown/Pink

Ford Mustang Radio Diagram

2001 Mustang Premium Sound System Wiring Diagram