2003-2004 Saturn ION Fuse Box Diagram | Engine Bay

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2017)

2003-2004 Saturn ION Fuse Box Diagram located under the hood in the engine bay on the drivers side.

2003-2004 Saturn Ion Fuse Box Diagram Engine Compartment

1ECMEngine Control Module
4RH HDLPPassenger’s Side Headlamp
5A/C Air Conditioning Clutch Relay
8ABSAnti-lock Brake System
9ECM/ETCEngine Control Module
10EMISSCanister Purge Solenoid, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Low Coolant Switch, Oxygen Sensors
11IGNIgnition Coils (1,2,3,4)
13ECMEngine Control Module
14BOOSTEngine Boost Solenoid
15BACK-UPBack-up Switch
16INJECTORSFuel Injectors (Cylinder 1, 2, 3, 4)
18LH HDLPDriver’s Side Headlamp
19WIPERWiper Mini Relay
20HORNHorn Micro Relay
22ABSAnti-lock Brake System
23RR DEFOGRear Defog Mini Relay
38RUN/CRANKIgnition 1 Mini Relay
39IP BATT1Body Control Module
40ABSAnti-lock Brake System
41IP BATT2Body Control Module
43EPSElectric Power Steering
44COOLING FAN 2Cooling Fan Mini Relay
45COOLING FAN 1Cooling Fan Mini Relay
47IP BATT 1ABody Control Module
48RUN (IGN 3)Body Control Module


24A/C CLUTCHAir Conditioning Clutch
27AFTER COOLER PUMPAfter Cooler Pump
28RUN/CRANKBody Control Module
30COOLING FAN 1Engine Cooling Fan
31ECM CONTStarter Solenoid
32WIPER1Wiper System
33WIPER2Wiper System
34REAR DEFOGRear Window Defogger


35A/CAir Conditioning Diode
37WIPERWiper Diode