2016 Mustang Fuse Diagram Engine Compartment

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2017)

Power Distribution Box

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. It has high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads.

If you disconnect and reconnect the battery, you will need to reset some features.

2016 mustang fuse diagram

Fuse or relay numberFuse amp ratingProtected components
1Not used.
2Not used.
3Not used.
4Not used.
550AAutomatic brake system pump.
650A*Body control module.
760A*Body control module.
850A*Body control module.
940A*Rear window defroster.
1040A*Blower motor.
1130A**Left hand front window.
1230A**Driver seat.
1330A**Passenger seat.
1430A**Climate controlled seat module.
1520A**Convertible top motor.
16Not used.
1720A**Convertible top motor.
18Not used.
1920A***Steering column lock relay.
2010A***Brake onoff switch.
2210A***Powertrain control module relay.
2310A***Air conditioning clutch.
2430A**Voltage quality module.
25Not used.
2625A**Windshield wiper motor.
27Not used.
2830A**Automatic brake system valve.
2930A**Electronic fan 1.
3030A**Starter motor solenoid.
3140A**Electronic fan 3.
3210A***Latch relay coil
3320A***Left hand high intensity discharge headlamps.
3415A*** Exhaust valves.
3520A***Right hand high intensity discharge headlamps
3610A***Alt sense.
37Not used.
3820A***Vehicle power 1.
39Not used.
4020A***Vehicle power 2.
4115A***Fuel injectors.
4215A***Vehicle power 3.
43Not used.
4415A***Vehicle power 4,
30AIgnition coils (GT350 only).
45Not used.
4620ADifferential pump.
47Not used.
4830A**Fuel pump #2.
4930A**Fuel pump.
50naSteering column lock relay.
51nanot used.
52naHorn relay.
5320A**Cigar lighter.
5420A**Auxiliary power point.
5525A**Electronic fan 2.
56naNot used.
57naAir conditioning clutch relay.
58naNot used.
59naExhaust valves.
605A***Powertrain control module.
61Not used.
62 5A***Anti lock brakes run start switch.
63Not used.
64 5A***Electronic power assist steering.
65Not used.
665A***Blind spot information system, Rear view camera, Air conditioning compressor relay coils.
67Not used.
6810A***Headlamp leveling switch.
69na Auxiliary power point relay.
7010A***Heated exterior mirrors.
71Not used.
725A***Rain sensor module.
73Not used.
745A***Mass air flow sensor.
75Not used.
76naRear window defroster.
77naElectronic cooling fan 2.
78naLeft hand high intensity discharge head lamp relay (export).
79Right hand high intensity discharge head lamp relay (export).