87-93 Mustang Instrument Cluster Diagram –

These diagrams are for a 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993 Ford Mustang. They show the wiring and pin outs of the instrument cluster.

Wiring Diagram for 87-93 Instrument Cluster

Wiring Diagram for 87-93 Instrument Cluster

1987-1989 Wiring Chart
Pin Number Circuit Circuit Function Pin Number Circuit Circuit Function

1. LG/W Left Turn Signal Indicator
2. BK Ground
3. R/W Temp to Sender
4. R/Y Warning Lamps Feed
5. R/LG Ignition Switch to Coil-Batt
6. LG/R Ignition Switch to Alt Reg
7. P/W Brake Warning Signal Light
8. BK/L Warning Lamp Prove Out2
9. Not Used Not Used
10. GY Low Oil Level to Signal
11. DG/Y Tachometer Feed
12. Not Used Not Used
13. W/LB Right Turn Signal Indicator
14. LG/BK High Beam Indicator

1. GY Low Oil Indicator Lamp
2. R/W Switch to Warning Lamp
3. P/O ??? (Not Used in conversion)
4. Not Used Not Used
5. Not Used Not Used
6. Y/BK Signal Unit Lamp to Fuel Signal Relay
7. PK/Y Washer Fluid Low Indicator
8. Y/BK Signal Unit Lamp to Fuel Signal Relay
9. W/R Oil Pressure Signal
10. Y/W, LB Fuel Gauge Feed/Low Fuel Indicator Relay
11. R/Y Warning Lamps Feed
12. BK Ground
13. DG/LG Coolant Temp Relay Feed
14. LB/R Instrument Panel Lamps Feed

If you are attempting to install a 1990-1993 steering wheel in a 1987-1989 car, then the steering column must also be changed. All connections will hook up in the steering column except for the harness from the steering wheel, which provides the horn and cruise control signal. The windshield wipers will not work if the 1990-1993 switch is used on the 1987-1989 harness. Testing with a multimeter will show you the wires that Ford chose to move when the design of the switch changes. All controls have the same wiring except the windshield wipers. After the correct wires are determined, it is an easy task to remove the wires from the plug by pressing down on the tab on the front of the plug and sliding the wire out the back. Then, the wire can be inserted into the previously unused connection hole on the plug. This process if much easier if you have an old harness from a 1990-1993 that comes out of the instrument cluster. The wires need to be as long as possible (6-8 inches), and they can be successfully wire tapped and soldered to the factory 1987-1989 harness. 2 Used to test lights when ignition is turned to the “Start” position.