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Fuel Pump Diagram – 94/95 Mustang

This diagram is for a 1994 and 1995 Ford Mustang and show the break down of a fuel Pump. The Return Tube, Fuel Tube, Hose, Wires, Level Sender, Float Arm, and Float. 94 – 95 Mustang Fuel Pump Diagram Link…

1994 – 1998 Mustang Torque Specs

Ford Mustang 1994-98 Brakes Component Torque Anchor Plate Bolts 95 ft. lbs. Brake Caliper Bolt (Front except Cobra) 64 ft. lbs. Brake Caliper Bolts (Rear) 23-26 ft. lbs. Brake Hose-to-Front Caliper Banjo Bolts 29 ft. lbs. Brake Hose-to-Rear Caliper Banjo

EFI Harness Wiring Diagram

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Abbreviation for Electronic Fuel Injection. This type of system uses computer-controlled fuel injectors to spray fuel into the engine rather than mechanically controlled injectors or a carburetor. EFI comes in several varieties: “throttle body injection” (TBI),