2015 Ford Mustang Fuse Box Diagram Power Distribution

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2017)

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. It has high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads.
If you disconnect and reconnect the battery, you will need to reset some features.



Fuse or relay number – Fuse amp rating –Protected components
1Not used.
2Not used.
3Not used.
4Not used.
550A*Automatic brake system pump.
650A*Body control module.
760A*Body control module.
850A*Body control module.
940A*Rear window defroster.
1040A*Blower motor.
1130A**Left-hand front window.
1230A**Driver seat.
1330A**Passenger seat.
1430A**Climate-controlled seat module.
1520A**Convertible top motor.
16Not used.
1720A** Convertible top motor.
18Not used.
1920A***  Steering column lock relay.
2010A*** Brake on-off switch.
2120A*** Horn.
2210A*** Powertrain control module relay.
2310A*** Air conditioning clutch.
2430A**Voltage quality module.
25Not used.
2625A**Windshield wiper motor.
27Not used.
2830A**Automatic brake system valve.
2930A**Electronic fan 1.
3030A**Starter motor solenoid.
3140A**Electronic fan 3.
3210A*** Latch relay coil,
3320A*** Left-hand high-intensity discharge headlamps.
34Not used,
3520A***  Right-hand high-intensity discharge headlamps.
3610A*** Alt sense.
37Not used.
3820A*** Vehicle power 1.
39Not used.
4020A*** Vehicle power 2.
4115A*** Fuel injectors.
4215A*** Vehicle power 3.
43Not used.
4415A*** Vehicle power 4.
45Not used.
46Not used.
47Not used.
48Not used.
4930A**Fuel pump.
50Steering column lock relay.
51Not used.
52Horn relay.
5320A**Cigar lighter.
5420A**Auxiliary power point.
5525A**Electronic fan 2.
56Not used.
57Air conditioning clutch relay.
58Not used.
59Not used.
605A***Powertrain control module.
61Not used.
625A***Anti-lock brakes run-start switch.
63Not used.
645A***Electronic power assist steering.
65Not used.
665A***Blind spot information system, Rear view camera, Air conditioning compressor relay coils.
67Not used.
6810A*** Headlamp leveling switch.
69Auxiliary power point relay.
7010A*** Heated exterior mirrors.
71Not used.
725A***Rain sensor module.
73Not used.
745A***Mass air flow sensor.
75Not used.
76Rear window defroster.
77Electronic cooling fan 2,
78Left-hand high-intensity discharge headlamp, relay (export).
79Right-hand high-intensity-discharge, headlamp relay (export).
80Windshield wiper relay.
81Starter motor solenoid.
82Powertrain control module relay.
83Not used.
84Not used.
85Not used.
86Not used.
87Not used.
88Not used.
89Electronic fan 1 relay.
90Not used.
91Electronic fan 3 relay.
92Blower motor relay.
93Not used.
94Fuel pump relay.