94-98 Mustang Air Conditioning Vacuum Controls Diagram

94 95 96 97 98 Mustang Air Conditioning Vacuum Controls Diagram

Mustang AC vacuum diagram from engine compartment to control assembly to heater core to instrument panel.

R134a Capacity

The refrigerant capacity of all vehicles is measured in either pounds or ounces. The 1994 Ford Mustang’s R134a refrigerant capacity is 2.13 lbs., or 34.08 oz. A recharging station uses an internal scale to precisely measure the amount of R134a introduced to the system. If you are not using a machine, you can estimate the amount of refrigerant introduced into the system by noting the number of ounces contained in each can of refrigerant you add.
Pressure Specifications

The 1994 Mustang’s air-conditioning system has high- and low-pressure sides. The high-pressure side’s pressure should range from 125 to 230 psi, and the low pressure side should range from 25 to 45 psi. You can only check these pressures by using a set of manifold gauges connected to the service ports.