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2005-2014 Ford Mustang

Repair diagrams for model 2005-2014 Ford Mustang, 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 including fuse panel diagram, wiring schematic, owners manual, fuse & relay location identification. V6 V8 GT Cobra 4.6L 3.8L 5.4L

2014 Mustang Interior Fuse Panel Diagram

Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel

The fuse panel is located in the lower passenger side area behind the kick panel. Open the trim panel door and remove the fuse cover to access the fuses. Use the provided fuse puller tool to remove a fuse. It is located inside the fuse cover.


Fuse or relay number Fuse amp rating Protected components
1 30A Driver rear window (convertible only)
2 15A Not used (spare)
3 15A SYNC
4 30A Passenger rear window (convertible only)
5 10A Brake transmission shift interlock
6 20A Turn signals, Hazard flashers
7 10A Left low beam headlamp
8 10A Right low beam headlamp
9 15A Courtesy lamps
10 15A Switch illumination, Pony projection lights
11 10A Security module
12 7.5A Power mirrors
13 5A Not used (spare)
14 10A Center information display, Electronic finish panel, Global position system
15 10A Climate control
16 15A Not used (spare)
17 20A Power door locks, Trunk release
18 20A Not used (spare)
19 25A Not used (spare)
20 15A Diagnostic connector
21 15A Fog lamps
22 15A Park lamps, License lamps
23 15A High beam headlamps
24 20A Horn
25 10A Demand lighting (battery saver), Visor vanity lamps
26 10A Cluster (battery)
27 20A Ignition switch feed
28 5A Audio mute (start)
29 5A Camera (run/start)
30 5A Temperature sensor motor
31 10A Restraints control module
32 10A Reverse parking aid (non-Shelby),Vehicle dynamics control module(Shelby only)
33 10A Not used (spare)
34 5A Electronic stability control
35 10A Auxiliary body module run/start
36 5A Anti-theft system
37 10A Rear defroster relay coil
38 20A Not used (spare)
39 20A Radio/Navigation
40 20A Not used (spare)
41 15A Accessory delay (windows, automatic dimming rear view mirror [including microphone and compass
42 10A Not used (spare)
43 10A Heated seat relay coils
44 10A Not used (spare)
45 5A Wiper relay and module, Blower relay
46 7.5A Passenger airbag deactivation indicator, Occupant classification sensor
47 30A Circuit Breaker Not used (spare)
48 Relay Accessory delay relay (windows,automatic dimming rear view mirror [microphone and compass]door switch