Ford Generic + Ford PID List

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2018)

Ford Mustang Parameter Identification (PID)


The Parameter Identification (PID) mode allows access to powertrain control module (PCM) information. This includes analog and digital signal inputs and outputs along with calculated values and system status. There are two types of PID lists available and both are used throughout this manual. The first is the Generic (J1979) OBDII PID list. This is a standard set of PIDs for all manufacturers all scan tools must be able to access. The second is a Ford specific (J2190) list which can be accessed by an adequate scan tool. When accessing any of these PIDs, the values will be continuously updated. The Generic or Ford PID list provides definitions and values in appropriate units. For more information, refer to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J2205 document.

Generic OBD II PID List

“X” in the “Freeze Frame” column denotes both a mode 1 and mode 2 PID (real time and freeze frame).

Freeze Frame



Measurement Units

AIRSecondary Air StatusON/OFF
CCNTContinuous DTC CounterUnitless
XECTEngine Coolant TemperatureDEGREES
XFUEL SYS1Fuel System Feedback Control Status-Bank 1OL/CL/OL DRIVE a / OL FAULT/ CL FAULT
XFUEL SYS2Fuel System Feedback Control Status-Bank 2OL/CL/OL DRIVE a /OL FAULT/ CL FAULT
XLOAD b Calculated Engine LoadPercent
XLONG FT1Current BANK 1 fuel trim adjustment (kamref1) from stoichiometry which is considered LONG TERM.Percent
XLONG FT2Current BANK 2 fuel trim adjustment (kamref2) from stoichiometry which is considered LONG TERM.Percent
MAFMass Air Flow RateGM/SEC-LB/ MIN
O2S11Bank 1 Upstream Oxygen Sensor (11)VOLTS
O2S12Bank 1 Downstream Oxygen Sensor (12)VOLTS
O2S21Bank 2 Upstream Oxygen Sensor (21)VOLTS
O2S22Bank 2 Downstream Oxygen Sensor (22)VOLTS
OBD SUPOn-Board Diagnostic SystemCal. OBD II
50 States OBD II
PTOPower Take-Off StatusON/OFF
XRPMRevolutions Per MinuteRPM
XSHRT FT1Current BANK fuel trim adjustment (lambse1) from stoichiometry which is considered SHORT TERM.Percent
SHRT FT11 1 Current BANK fuel trim adjustment (lambse1) from stoichiometry which is considered SHORT TERM.Percent
SHRT FT12 2 Current BANK 1 fuel trim adjustment (lambse1) from stoichiometry which is considered SHORT TERM.Percent
XSHRT FT2Current BANK 2 fuel trim adjustment (lambse1) from stoichiometry which is considered SHORT TERM.Percent
XSHRT FT21 3 Current BANK 2 fuel trim adjustment (lambse1) from stoichiometry which is considered SHORT TERM.Percent
XSHRT FT22 4 Current BANK 2 fuel trim adjustment (lambse1) from stoichiometry which is considered SHORT TERM.Percent
SPARKADVSpark Advance Cylinder No. 1DEGREES
TPThrottle PositionPercent
XVSSVehicle Speed SensorMPH-KM/H
a OL = Open loop, have not satisfied conditions for closed loop.
b Percent engine load adjusted for atmospheric pressure.

1 Individual oxygen sensor fuel trim adjustment is not supported.
2 Individual oxygen sensor fuel trim adjustment is not supported.
3 Individual oxygen sensor fuel trim adjustment is not supported.
4 Individual oxygen sensor fuel trim adjustment is not supported.

  • CL = Closed loop using O2S(s) as feedback for fuel control.
  • OL DRIVE = Open loop due to driving conditions (heavy accel).
  • OL FAULT = Open loop due to fault with all upstream O2S sensors.
  • CL FAULT = Closed loop fuel control, but fault with one upstream O2S sensor on dual bank vehicles.




Ford Units

4X4L1101 b2Requested 4 Wheel Drive InputON/OFF
ACCS1101 b0Air Conditioning Cycling Switch InputON/OFF
ACP1102 b0A/C Head Pressure Switch InputOPEN/CLOSED
ACP V1638A/C Head Pressure Switch InputVOLTS
APP1340Accelerator Pedal PositionVOLTS
AIR1104 b4Secondary AIR Pump ControlON/OFF
AIRM110C b1Secondary AIR Pump MonitorON/OFF
BARO1127Barometric Pressure (may be software determined)Hz
BPP/BOO1101 b1Brake Pedal Position/Brake On-Off Switch InputON/OFF
CAMDCR16CFCommanded Duty Cycle for VCT Solenoid%
CAMERRR16CEVCT Error in Crankshaft DegreesDEGREES
CCS1105 b7Coast Clutch Solenoid ControlON/OFF
CHT1624Cylinder Head Temperature InputDEGREES
CHT V1685Cylinder Head Temperature InputVOLTS
CMPFM1107 b0Camshaft Position Sensor Fault ModeYES/NO
CPP/PNP1101 b3Clutch Pedal/Park Neutral Position Switch InputON/OFF
DPFEGR114EDifferential Pressure Feedback EGR InputVOLTS
ECT1139Engine Coolant Temperature InputDEGREES
ECT V114DEngine Coolant Temperature InputVOLTS
EFTA168EEngine Fuel Temperature – Bank 1 InputDEGREES
EFTA V168DEngine Fuel Temperature – Bank 1 InputVOLTS
EFTB169OEngine Fuel Temperature – Bank 2 InputDEGREES
EFTB V168FEngine Fuel Temperature – Bank 2 InputVOLTS
EGRBARO1680Enable Baro Read (instead of EGR pressure)YES/NO
EGRMC116D2 boEGR Motor Control Output CommandON/OFF
EGRMC216D2 b1EGR Motor Control Output CommandON/OFF
EGRMC316D2 b2EGR Motor Control Output CommandON/OFF
EGRMC416D2 b3EGR Motor Control Output CommandON/OFF
EGRMDSD098EElectric EGR Motor Commanded In StepsSteps
EGRVR113CEGR Valve Vacuum Control%
EOT1310Engine Oil Temperature Sensor InputDEGREES
EOT V16AFEngine Oil Temperature Sensor InputVOLTS
EOTF16A9Engine Oil Temperature Fault DetectionYES/NO
EPC11C0Transmission Line Pressure ControlPSI
EPC V11B2Transmission Line Pressure ControlVOLTS
EVAPCPF162F b2Evaporative Emissions Canister Purge FaultYES/NO
EVAPCV1167Evaporative Emissions Canister Purge Vent Control%
EVAPCVF1630 b3Evaporative Emissions Canister Purge Vent FaultYES/NO
EVAPPDC1166Evaporative Emissions Canister Purge Control%
EVAPPF1627Evaporative Purge Flow InputVOLTS
EVAPVMA1636Evaporative Vapor Management Valve Internal Circuit MonitorVOLTS
FANDC091FVariable Speed Fan Duty Cycle%
FANVARF1630 b5Variable Speed Fan Output FaultYES/NO
FANSS099FVariable Speed Fan RPMRPM
FANSSM099C b15Variable Speed Fan Hall Sensor InputHIGH/LOW
FF16ABFlex Fuel Sensor Input%
FLI16C1Fuel Level Indicator Input%
FLI V16BFFuel Level Indicator InputVOLTS
FP M1673Fuel Pump Secondary Monitor%
FPF162E b6Fuel Pump Output FaultYES/NO
FPM110C b0Fuel Pump Secondary MonitorON/OFF
FRP168CEngine Injector Pressure InputPSI
FRP V168BEngine Injector Pressure InputVOLTS
FSVF1691 b1Engine Fuel Solenoid Valve FaultYES/NO
FSVM1691 b2Engine Fuel Solenoid Valve Secondary MonitorON/OFF
FTP1687Fuel Tank Pressure Inputin.H2O
FTP V1639Fuel Tank Pressure InputVOLTS
FUELPW11141Injector Pulse Width Bank 1MILLISECONDS
FUELPW21142Injector Pulse Width Bank 2MILLISECONDS
GEAR11B3Transmission Gear StatusGEAR
GENF0927 b2Generator Output Fault DetectionYES/NO
GENFDC16E8Generator Field Control Output%
GFS0939Generator Field Signal Monitor%
HFC1103 b3High Speed Fan ControlON/OFF
HFCF162F b1High Speed Fan Control FaultYES/NO
HTR111631 b0Bank 1 Upstream O2S Heater ControlON/OFF
HTR11F1631 b4Bank 1 Upstream O2S Heater Circuit FaultON/OFF
HTR121631 b1Bank 1 Downstream O2S Heater ControlON/OFF
HTR12F1631 b5Bank 1 Downstream O2S Heater Circuit FaultON/OFF
HTR211631 b2Bank 2 Upstream O2S Heater ControlON/OFF
HTR21F1631 b6Bank 1 Downstream O2S Heater Circuit FaultON/OFF
HTR221631 b3Bank 2 Downstream O2S Heater ControlON/OFF
HTR22F1631 b7Bank 1 Downstream O2S Heater Circuit FaultON/OFF
HTRX11102 b1/6O2S Upstream Heater ControlON/OFF
HTRX21102 b2/7O2S Downstream Heater ControlON/OFF
IAC1153Idle Air Control%
IAT1123Intake Air Temperature InputDEGREES
IAT V114AIntake Air Temperature InputVOLTS
IAT216A8Intake Air Temperature Sensor 2 InputDEGREES
IAT2 V16A7Intake Air Temperature Sensor 2 InputVOLTS
IMRC1103 b4Intake Manifold Runner ControlON/OFF
IMRC F162F b6Intake Manifold Runner Control FaultYES/NO
IMRCM1634Intake Manifold Runner Control Monitor Input Bank 1VOLTS
IMRCM21635Intake Manifold Runner Control Monitor Input Bank 2VOLTS
IMSC1103 b4Intake Manifold Swirl ControlON/OFF
IMSC F162F b6Intake Manifold Swirl Control FaultYES/NO
IMTV1684Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Control%
IMTVF162F b5Intake Manifold Tuning Valve FaultYES/NO
INJ1F-8F162D b0-7Fuel Injector Primary Fault (Cylinders 1 thru 8)YES/NO
INJ9F-10F16EA b0-1Fuel Injector Primary Fault (Cylinders 9 and 10)YES/NO
KS1 V16E6Knock Sensor Input Bank 1VOLTS
KS2 V16E7Knock Sensor Input Bank 2VOLTS
LFC1103 b2Low Speed Fan ControlON/OFF
LFCF162F b0Low Speed Fan Control FaultYES/NO
LONGFT11156Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1%
LONGFT21157Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2%
MAF1671Mass Airflow Rate InputGM/S
MAF V1177Mass Airflow Rate InputVOLTS
MAF V1633Mass Airflow Rate Input (Before FMEM substitutions)VOLTS
MAP1452Intake Manifold Absolute PressureHz
MAP V900Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure (Analog)VOLTS
MFC0967 b10Medium Speed Fan ControlON/OFF
MFCF0967 b11Medium Speed Fan Control FaultYES/NO
MIL1103 b5Malfunction Indicator Lamp ControlON/OFF
OCTADJ1102 b3Octane Adjust StatusOPEN/CLOSED
OCTADJS16EF b0Octane Adjust Software StatusRETARD/NO RETARD
O2S111173Bank 1 Upstream O2S InputVOLTS
O2S121174Bank 1 Downstream O2S InputVOLTS
O2S211175Bank 2 Upstream O2S InputVOLTS
O2S221176Bank 2 Downstream O2S InputVOLTS
OSS11B5Output Shaft SpeedRPM
PIP1102 b4Profile Ignition Pickup InputON/OFF
PSP1101 b7Power Steering Pressure Switch InputHIGH/LOW
PSP V1626Power Steering Pressure InputVOLTS
PSP V1625Power Steering Pressure InputVOLTS
PTO160D b5Power Take Off Status InputON/OFF
RCAM16CDVCT Solenoid Commanded in Crank Shaft DegreesDEGREES
REV1697 b0Transmission Reverse Switch InputON/OFF
RPM1165Engine Speed Based Upon CKP InputRPM
SCB0964 b0Supercharger Bypass ControlON/OFF
SCBF0964 b1Supercharger Bypass Control FaultYES/NO
SCCSA216Speed Control Input SwitchVOLTS
SCICP0964 b2Supercharger Intercooler Pump ControlON/OFF
SCICPF0964 b3Supercharger Intercooler Pump Control FaultYES/NO
SHRTFT11158Short Term Fuel Trim%
SHRTFT21159Short Term Fuel Trim%
SIL160D b6Shift Indicator LightON/OFF
SPARKADV116BSpark Advance DesiredDEGREES
SS11105 b4Shift Solenoid 1 ControlON/OFF
SS21105 b5Shift Solenoid 2 ControlON/OFF
SS31105 b6Shift Solenoid 3 ControlON/OFF
TCC11B0Torque Converter Clutch Control%
TCCA110E b7Torque Converter Clutch Control Internal Circuit MonitorON/OFF
TCIL1104 b2Transmission Control Indicator Lamp Clutch Control StatusON/OFF
TCS1101 b4Transmission Clutch Convertor Control Switch InputON/OFF
TFT1674Transmission Fluid Temperature InputDEGREES
TFT V11BDTransmission Fluid Temperature InputVOLTS
THTRC0965Thermostat Heater Control%
TMAP0945Thermal Manifold Absolute PressurekPa
TP MODE1125Throttle Position ModeC/T, P/T, WOT
TP V1154Throttle Position InputVOLTS
TPB1629Secondary Throttle Position InputVOLTS
TPREL1169Lowest Steady TP Voltage Since Engine Start (RATCH)VOLTS
TR11B6Transmission Selector Position Input StatusPOSITION
TR V1151Transmission Selector Position Input StatusVOLTS
TR D16B5Transmission Selector Position Input Status (Digital)BINARY
TSS/ISS11B4Turbine Shaft Speed/Input Shaft SpeedRPM
VCTA16B1 b6VCT Control Circuit MonitorON/OFF
VCTENA16B1 b5Conditions Correct to Enable VCTYES/NO
VFCDC091FVariable Speed Fan Duty Cycle%
VFCF1630 b5Variable Speed Fan Output FaultYES/NO
VPWR1172Vehicle Power VoltageVOLTS
VREF1155Vehicle Reference VoltageVOLTS
WAC1104 b0A/C Clutch CommandON/OFF
WACF162E b5WOT A/C Primary Circuit FaultYES/NO


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